Debian Ruby Sprint 2016 - day 2: Japanese cuisine, bug fixes, and Mini Cheese&Wine Party

Day 1 ended with dinner at a Yamato, my preferred Japanese restaurant in the city. Curitiba has a very large Japanese community, and lots of Japanese restaurants. Yamato, however, is the only one were you will stumble upon senior Japanese people, probably first or second generation immigrants, what I guess says something about its authenticity.

Right after breaking for lunch, but before actually going out, we made what so far is official group photo (I might try again as the shot was not a really good one).

Of course the most interesting part was the actual work that was done, and day 2 list is not less impressive than the day before:

  • ruby-albino 1.3.3-4 (#813644) @sbadia
  • #816256: ruby-versionomy: FTBFS: `require’: cannot load such file — blockenspiel/unmixer_mri (LoadError)
  • investiage ruby2.1 removal
  • upload ruby-beautify
  • upload ruby-aws-sdk
  • made ruby-blockenspiel arch:all again
  • filed RC bug against pcs depending on ruby2.1-dev
  • ruby-dev in experimental now supports pkg-config ruby so packages can use pkg-config to build against the current default Ruby
  • ruby-libxml (some tests skipped)
  • fixed FTBFS #804794 in subtle delaying ruby2.1 removal (now in DELAYED/2)
  • mailed debian-ruby and ask people to test ruby2.3 as default
  • #816162: ruby-zentest: FTBFS: Failure: TestZenTest#test_testcase9
  • ruby-sshkit 1.9.0~rc1-1 (795118)
    • capistrano 3.4.0-1 + ruby-sshkit 1.9.0~rc1-1 =>
  • filed for ruby-patron removal
  • updated and uploaded ruby-pygments.rb updated + patch for tests (fix #812940)
  • discussed dependency cycle resolution
    • will keep cycle between ruby2.3 and rake (as they really need each other)
    • will break cycle from pure ruby packages to ruby when they are depended on by ruby2.3
    • for same package set, enable Multi-Arch: foreign when needed
  • uploaded ruby-power-assert (M-A foreign, break ruby cycle)
  • uploaded ruby-did-you-mean (M-A foreign, break ruby cycle)
  • uploaded ruby-minitest (M-A foreign, break ruby cycle)
  • uploaded ruby-test-unit (M-A foreign, break ruby cycle)
  • uploaded rake (M-A foreign)
  • uploaded ruby-net-telnet (M-A foreign)
  • discussed removal of libruby metapackage, filed bug against dh-make-drupal (only rdep) #816417
  • uploaded yard (Closes: #812809)
  • rerun failed builds
  • closed #798539 (not applicable on current version of ruby-webmock)
  • closed #816321 fixed by ruby2.3 upload
  • uploaded ruby-cliver (by @lucasmoura)
  • uploaded ruby-celluloid-supervision ( closes: #810770)
  • uploaded ruby-celluloid-fsm ( closes: #815107)
  • uploaded ruby-raindrops
  • investigated status of dhelp, ruby-mysql again
  • ruby-http-form-data (1.0.1+gemwatch-1) @sbadia
  • nmu ohcount (DELAYED/2)
  • updated trocla to newest upstream, fixing #816257
  • reassign #816358 from ruby-safe-yaml to ruby2.3
  • close #816120 (transient bug in ruby-default-value-for, waiting for ruby-sqlite3 binNMU)
  • upload updated ruby-rc4
  • uploaded new upstream version of pry, fixing FTBFS with ruby2.3
  • ruby-rb-inotify , required to new ruby-listen( need ruby-rb-inotify >= 0.9.7)
  • applied patch from upstream to ruby2.3 for #816358
  • uploaded new upstream version for coderay supporting ruby2.3

On Monday Cédric told us that he and Sebastien had brought a bottle of French wine and some smelly French cheeses, and suggested that in the best Debian tradition we should have a Mini Cheese and Wine Party™. Sure thing! Luckily there is a farmer’s market 2 blocks from home on Tuesdays mornings, where I usually buy my fruits, vegetables, and cheese & friends, so the timing was perfect. I went shopping early in the morning, and bought a few things, and was back before it was the time to go to UTFPR. After the day-long hacking session we stopped by another store nearby to buy a few extra bottles of wine and other snacks.

At night, in my place, I ended up playing cheese master.

There was enough food that at the end we were all very full.

And with the spokesperson task of the day done, off to hacking I am!